We're in the Business of Making Your Business Spotless

We're in the Business of Making Your Business Spotless

Get reliable office cleaning services in Columbus, OH

You can get more work done in a neat, organized office. If your space is currently being overrun with papers, dust and coffee stains, call Walker Cleaning Solutions LLC in Columbus ASAP. We'll clean your:

  • Hallways and Offices
    Dust cobwebs, window sills, ceiling fans, lamp shades, TVs and door frames | Polish your furniture | Wipe your mirrors | Vacuum, sweep or mop your floors
  • Break Rooms
    Wipe your cabinet doors and refrigerator | Clean your sink, refrigerator, floors and appliances | Wipe your countertops | Polish your chrome fixtures | Dust cobwebs | Empty your trashcan |
  • Bathrooms
    Clean your toilets, mirrors, cabinets and sinks | Dust cobwebs | Empty your trashcan | Sweep and mop your floors | Wipe your countertops
If any furniture is in the way, we'll move it to clean, then return it to its proper place. You'll be surprised how much more you'll accomplish in a tidy office.

Call 614-674-1214 now to schedule your office cleaning service.

We'll come as often as needed

Whether you want us to visit your property once or every month, you can count on the Walker Cleaning Solutions team to deliver exceptional results. We'll clean every nook and cranny of your office to make it fresh and clean. You can trust us to make your office look the way you want.

Contact our office in Columbus, Ohio today to learn about our office cleaning prices.